Featured image of post Cup 8, Intense Roast – Deliciously dark and rich

Cup 8, Intense Roast – Deliciously dark and rich

With Lewis Caplen, Callum Morrison, Matt Price and Jev Sydamah


Podcast version (edited)

Live version (full)

About this cup

We’re kicking off a new series with a cup that was broadcast live! It didn’t go well, but here’s a heavily edited version anyway. Join me in my eighth cup, with Lewis, Callum, Matt and Jev, as we all sample Cafédirect’s intense roast, talk about lockdowns 2 and 3, and play a couple of ill-premised games.

Recorded live: Sunday 9th May 2021

About Sip by Sip

We’re being told to remain indoors and I’ve realised that I have a lot of coffee to get through. Join me as I try a different type of coffee (or alternate beverage). I’m stuck indoors, so I’ve got to do something…

An Expluce Original Podcast Series: Presented and produced by Keoni D’Souza

Episode credits

Presenter Keoni D'Souza
Guests Lewis Caplen
Callum Morrison
Matt Price
Jev Sydamah
Processor Dom Hall
Producer Matt Brayley
With thanks to Isaac Lowe