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On the move…

We’re moving again! To have a peek at a cleaner, sleeker Expluce Player have a peek below…

The Ballen Trilogy

Catch up on The Aux Cord parodies: The 3.5mm cable, The 6.35mm cable and Line in

Keoni’s Cave

Catch up on the (only?) cave-based series

Sip by Sip with Keoni D’Souza

(Almost) weekly, wherever you listen to your podcasts

Take it to the Rugs

Catch up on the (only?) rugs-based series

Centralised Breakfast Function

Catch up on the breakfast show

Themed Tunes

Catch up on the themed shows with Sarah and Keoni

Goodbye, URY!

I’m leaving URY – but fear not! I’m departing in style with 26 hours of radio – enough to even make me sick of myself.

A Classical Bedtime and Teatime

Catch up on the classical music show with Isaac and David

About this site

Expluce Player is the home of most of the stuff what Keoni has done and thinks is worth showing you ’orrible lot.

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