Is this thing on…?

Why, yes – and welcome to Expluce Player!

Am I live?

Want to listen to me live on air? Is it Tuesday after 12pm or Wednesday after 9pm? Click/touch here to tune into URY.

Music, chat – and rugs…?!

In September 2020, Connor and I first bonded over rugs. We finally take our relationship to the next level and present a show where rugs take centre stage. Join us for music and chat – and rugs!

Take it to the Rugs – Wednesday nights @ 9pm on URY

Lunchtime trolling

What do you get when you don’t have any more ideas for a show? Well, you get this: like The Aux Cord, but make it fashion.

The 3.5mm cable – Tuesday lunchtimes @ 12pm on URY

Spread the joy, not the virus

I’ve got loads of coffee. Let’s do something about that. Listen now to the podcast about coffee that’s not really about coffee!

Sip by Sip with Keoni D’Souza – New episodes coming soon!


The music video to end all music videos. Watch the masterpiece now!

The Workplace

I spent a year working with the team at the ITV Hub and, luckily, I’ve documented it for your eager eyes.

Where it all began…

The series where I first tried my hand at radioing. Did it go well? Let’s not talk about it. It was so low quality, I still haven’t finished editing the programmes. Why not have a listen to the few that are available…?

I’m mid-stream!

Monitor the latest updates here, so you’ll be second to know (well, I’ve gotta know about them first, haven’t I?)!

Relaxing? Yeah, right…

I accompanied Isaac on a programme filled with classical music and instrumentals. Join me as I point out all his mispronunciations and try to throw him off course all whilst David looks on in disappointment.

A Classical Bedtime – Sunday evenings from 9pm on URY (now without me!)