Top-quality low-quality content from Keoni D'Souza


Welcome to Expluce Player, the home of audiovisual content from the mind of me - Keoni D’Souza!

I’ve contributed to an ever-increasing collection of radio shows, podcasts and have presented a handful of recorded productions. I am - slowly, but surely - updating this site so that people (mainly me…) can enjoy my unimitable brand of top-quality low-quality content.

Organised into overarching categories (audio and video) and series (for continuing content), each audio and video clip is accompanied by tags to help mark regular co-contributors and original broadcast partners (including Xtreme Radio, University Radio York and York Student Television).

So, have a look around - you may find something that you wouldn’t even want to share with even your worst enemy…



I started branding everything I made since late 2010 with KD Group to add my mark and help communicate that I was behind it. On 10th September 2013, the brand changed to Expluce (originally with an exclamation mark), a portmanteau formed from the slogan, Exploring excitement, inducing success. In 2017, Expluce Player was launched with the aim to host my plethora of audio and video content all in one place.


Collnod Ltd was formed on 28th December 2021 to facilitate employment contracts for freelance media opportunities. It is registered at 86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE. Acting as a portfolio, since April, Expluce Player has been funded and hosted by Collnod Ltd. Collnod is Welsh for apostrophe.