Content Guidance: Contains some strong language and implied very strong language

Episode synopsis

Brought to you by YSTV, join us to find out the winners of this year’s YUSU Elections! With 17 positions up for grabs, tonight you’ll find out who YOU voted to be your next elected student leaders for 2021. With ‘make your own cocktails and mocktails’, Sabb Bingo and live reactions from winning candidates – it’s going to be your spiciest zoom call of the year.

Episode credits

Elections Results Night

PresentersIzzie Norwood
Harry Dennis
Producer / Executive ProducerAlize Akturk
Producer / Floor ManagerDom Hall
Vision Mixer / GraphicsBen Allen
Audio EngineerIsaac Lowe
VT ProducersLiv Woodward
Meg Maguire
VT EditorsKira Moore
Max Roach
Jerome Pek
Special ThanksMaddi Cannell
Executive ProducersJoe Radford
Rhys Milling

ERN: The After Show

PresentersLouis Dickson
Samuel Castaneto
Bartender Host / GraphicsSophie Bolwell-Davies
Bartender HostJoe Radford
ProducersAlize Akturk
Dom Hall
Vision MixersConnor Sanders
Kira Moore
Floor ManagerKeoni D’Souza
Special ThanksKelly Balmer
Iwan Stone
Brooke Davies
Matt Johnstone
Ollie Martin
Sophie Kelly
Franki Riley
Patrick O’Donnell