Content Guidance: Contains some strong language

Episode synopsis

It’s Eurovision Week! Join me, Michael and Kyle as we react to the first semi-final. Tuesday 18th May 2021 at 10pm, straight after the live show.

Episode credits

People on the screenKeoni D’Souza
Michael Grace
Kyle Siwek
Person in our (online) presenceMatt Ward-Perkins
Setting up shopWill Stirk
ShopkeeperRhys Milling
CaretakerDan Wade
Keeper of the Yellow PagesLouis Dickson
Behind the photo machinesDid we find somebody yet?
Are we still on? This guy checkedDom Hall
Laughing maniacallyBen Allen
(York) Vision mixingSophie Bolwell-Davies
Leader of the PackNiamh Fenn
Assistant CoachKeoni D’Souza