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Keoni’s Cave

Someone’s kidnapped Keoni, locked him in the cave of URY, and has forced him to play music and do stuff to appease his captor(s). How will Keoni escape this week?


Take it to the rugs

In September 2020, Connor and I first bonded over rugs. We finally take our relationship to the next level and present a show where rugs take centre stage. Join us for music and chat – and rugs!


In Good Company

Join me for a show with a different person every day.


The 3.5mm cable

My first regular solo show, brought to you by procrastination. Tune in each week to hear probably whatever’s on my Spotify – I mean Ben Allen’s! – playlist and talking…about things…okay so the planning isn’t all sorted yet. Either way, join me for a soundtrack to your Tuesday lunchtime because hey – at least it’s not a zoom call!


Line in

Yet another Aux Cord parody, join Keoni for music and other stuff, I suppose.


Themed Tunes

Join Sarah and Keoni for an hour of chatting absolutely wham with themed episodes, music and games.


Centralised Breakfast Function

Join Keoni for a week – well, a trio, really – of shows at an hour when students are more likely to consume their breakfasts.


Trainspotting – The Music Video

The modern masterpiece that took a very long time to make. I can’t and won’t apologise if it gets stuck in your head. It was your decision to watch it after all…


Sip by Sip

We’re being told to remain indoors and I’ve realised that I have a lot of coffee to get through. Join me as I try a different type of coffee (or alternate beverage). I’m stuck indoors, so I’ve got to do something…


A Voice for Radio

Listen to my earliest exploits in front of the mic with my first show on student radio on Xtreme Radio at Swansea University.