Hello! My name’s Keoni and here’s a selection of some of the highlights of the shows, podcasts and videos I’ve made over the years.

Sip by Sip

I started a podcast during the first lockdown to catch up with friends and sate the thirst for doing radio when the studio was closed. In this episode, I caught up with a friend I hadn’t spoken to in years and we had some fun chatting and playing a game (so much so that we recorded hours of material).

Love York Awards 2021

Izzie and I both wrote and presented YUSU’s annual Love York Awards celebrating student achievements at the University of York.

A Level Results Day Morning

I joined my friend Isaac to continue University Radio York’s (URY) A Level Results Day coverage airing in August 2021. In the third hour (from around 2:09) I interviewed Matt Johnstone, YUSU’s (University of York Students’ Union) Academic Officer in a chaotic, but hopefully engaging, conversation.

Take it to the Rugs

Pairing together rug-talk and music perhaps for the first time, here is a chatshow where we also combined tightly scripted elements that were in no way kept to.

A Classical Bedtime

I again joined Isaac to present a classical music programme to mix up the schedules.

Themed Tunes

I was asked to co-present a series where we would select different songs based on a particular theme every week. Here’s an episode based around numbers.

Elections Results Night 2020 Highlights

I co-produced and co-presented Swansea University Students’ Union’s Election Results Night, conducting interviews and commentating over the results.

Trainspotting – The Music Video

And for a final bit of fun – I made this video for a song I wrote as part of the 100 Days Project. In the end, I managed to write, perform and produce twelve songs – and this was the most popular.