YSTV on the Rocks, Episode 3

It’s mocktails week on YSTV on the Rocks. I join fellow guest Niamh in the capable hands of Joe and mixmaster Sophie to create alcohol-free beverages. Tune in for experiments with ginger and live-tweeting from Niamh’s mum!

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Scotch Packing Tape

Please don’t watch this – it’s a waste of everyone’s time! I filmed it in the early hours of the morning – and I’ve not even watched it all the way through! We’ve returned – after nearly three years! Join me for an exploration into (really!) slow “TV” where I unpack a multipack of packing… Continue reading Scotch Packing Tape

The Workplace: Teaser

Let me oblige you with thirty seconds showcasing some random clips from my new film about my placement year at ITV. When’s this big video coming out, then? It’s coming soon, don’t worry! In fact, here’s thirty seconds to tempt you with what’s to come sometime this winter 2020…

Academic Year Diary

This wasn’t meant to ever be released – it was just a spur of the moment thing for my good pal Hubbard(ino). But now you get to enjoy it – so, please do! This wasn’t actually meant for publication, but I had time to put it all together. It could potentially be a series if… Continue reading Academic Year Diary

Trainspotting – The Music Video: Trailer

Want a 30-second preview for the fêted music video? You probably don’t anymore. But maybe you did pre-August 2015. The date is set – get ready for the music video to end all music videos. Trainspotting – The Music Video: Monday 31st August 2015 on Expluce ONE.* *Expluce ONE has since been consolidated into Expluce… Continue reading Trainspotting – The Music Video: Trailer

Trainspotting – The Music Video: Teaser

10 seconds of the song that people literally stop to tell me about. And before you ask, no – watching this doesn’t count as watching the actual video! Behold the teaser trailer for the ground-breaking music video of the smash-hit song ‘Trainspotting’ by Keoni D’Souza. Released on Monday 31st August 2015 on Expluce ONE.* *Expluce… Continue reading Trainspotting – The Music Video: Teaser