I’m So Turned On Right Now: Spring Term 2021

It’s lockdown, it’s midnight, and a masked vigilante is standing on a stool in a server room – it can only be one thing, the return of URY for Spring Term 2021! Tune in to hear what it sounds like when increasingly tired and stressed presenters dally about on air for a couple of hours,… Continue reading I’m So Turned On Right Now: Spring Term 2021

Cup 7, Christmas Blend: Deep, dark and seasonal

It’s a Christmas miracle! Cup 7 already?? I know! Here’s the second chat I had originally for Keoni’s Cave on URY with my pal Callum. I do much of the same as in the previous episode, actually, so watch out for more terrible singing and a moderately disastrous attempt at preparing M&S’s Christmas Blend. Merry Christmas!

Cup 6, Mulled Winter Punch: Rich, spicy, fruity

Cup 6 has arrived to boost/banish [delete as applicable] your Christmas blues! Originally, recorded for Keoni’s Cave on University Radio York (URY), here’s an expanded version of the chat I had with Molly that includes terrible Irish pronunciations, plenty of non-Christmas-based nattering and a clip shoehorned in of me taking a swig of some warm juice. 2020’s never been better…

Keoni’s Christmas Cave

(6/6) Most of the gang are back – as well as some special guests! There was so much stuff to squeeze in, we were going to extend the show by an hour. But we realised that no-one would have wanted that. Watch out for the explosive ending…

Keoni on Colin and Matt Having a Christmas Chat

I appeared towards the end of Colin and Matt Having a Christmas Chat on University Radio York (URY) having been commissioned to translate and record a Christmas song yn Cymraeg. Have a listen to me talking about and singing ‘Popeth dw i’n eisiau am Nadolig sy’n ti’, more popularly known by its English name ‘All… Continue reading Keoni on Colin and Matt Having a Christmas Chat