Content Guidance: Contains some strong language

An edited version may be made available in due course.

Episode synopsis

Pilot: This week we are kicking off the series with an episode about all things fruity. Tune in for the most important discussions of the term: What defines a fruit? We shall also be playing the first round of ‘Is Keoni smarter than Sarah’s Housemate’. Fruit puns shall be a-plenty and with a song dedication for the listener with the ultimate fruity joke!

First aired: 3pm-4pm, Friday 19th March 2021


KiwiHarry Styles15:04
Banana PancakesJack Johnson15:09
Raspberry BeretPrince15:12
Lemon To A Knife FightThe Wombats15:23
The Pineapple Song (Turn Around and Let Me See) – Radio Mix)Good Size15:27
Passionfruit [Clean]Drake15:40
Lime St.Neck Deep15:44
The Apple TreeNina Nesbitt15:52
Watermelon SugarHarry Styles15:56

Episode credits

PresenterSarah Veale
ProducerKeoni D’Souza