Sip by Sip with Keoni D’Souza

We’re being told to remain indoors and I’ve realised that I have a lot of coffee to get through. Join me as I try a different type of coffee (or alternate beverage). I’m stuck indoors, so I’ve got to do something…

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I’ve got loads of coffee. Let’s do something about that.

It’s 2020 and we’ve all been forced to remain indoors to try and reduce the number of those affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. But, we can’t just sit around doing nothing, right?

Well, maybe we can – it’s frighteningly easy.

So, to remedy that, I thought to myself what could I do? I tried doing my radio show from my bedroom, and that didn’t turn out well.

Then, I realised that I had loads of coffee to get through – and I mean loads! – about 26 different varieties, at least! So, what could I do to get my way through all of them that didn’t mean sitting alone in my room and wondering if, after twenty-two years, this is what my life has come to?

One word: podcast!

Thus, here we are! I’ve been in contact with old chums I haven’t spoken to in yonks and we’ve come together – over Zoom – to have a chat, drink a beverage and play some sort of game to take our minds off the darkness that’s lurking in the background.
If you’d like to join me, please do! I’ve love to have a natter! What’s that, no? Oh, OK. Well, you could at least give it a listen, right? Yeah…? Excellent!

Let’s get through this together – and spread the joy, not the virus.

Spread the joy, not the virus

Cup 7, Christmas Blend: Deep, dark and seasonal

It’s a Christmas miracle! Cup 7 already?? I know! Here’s the second chat I had originally for Keoni’s Cave on URY with my pal Callum. I do much of the same as in the previous episode, actually, so watch out for more terrible singing and a moderately disastrous attempt at preparing M&S’s Christmas Blend. Merry Christmas!

Cup 6, Mulled Winter Punch: Rich, spicy, fruity

Cup 6 has arrived to boost/banish [delete as applicable] your Christmas blues! Originally, recorded for Keoni’s Cave on University Radio York (URY), here’s an expanded version of the chat I had with Molly that includes terrible Irish pronunciations, plenty of non-Christmas-based nattering and a clip shoehorned in of me taking a swig of some warm juice. 2020’s never been better…

Cup 5, Master Origin India: Intense and spicy

My exams – or ‘alternative assessments’ – are now over, so I found some free time, at last! Recorded near the start of the lockdown, in cup 5 my guest Jimmy and I talk a little about life in Toronto and play a rather self-explanatory game called What am I talking about? which actually wasn’t that straightforward. But, let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be, would it…?

Cup 4, English Breakfast: Golden and well-rounded

Cup 4 is the overflow stuff from the last episode – yes, we really did record so much! Listen to the rest of the Welsh maraca game and hear João talk about Asturias (for a bit). In a surprising turn of events, the drink in the title comes from my guest – a Twinings English Breakfast Tea, drunk late after the watershed.

Cup 3, Praline Especial Brazil: Chocolatey and nutty

The third cup brings together two people who haven’t spoken in yonks. João and I discuss bourbon(s) (creams) and Asda Smart Price meatballs, and play another game with maracas that had to be cut short and shoved into another episode because we were going on for too long! Today’s coffee – an intensity of 8 – comes from Taylors of Harrogate, who describe this coffee as “a big, beautiful Brazilian roast, like sinking your teeth into a hazelnut praline.”

Cup 2, Kazaar: Exceptionally intense and syrupy

Goodness, he’s only gone and done it when you all thought he’d given up or forgotten about it! Cup 2 is a Kazaar, a very strong (12) brew made with both Arabica and Robusta beans. Rachael is his guest – join them as they talk a bit about languages and play a game based on products from Ikea.

Cup 1, Envivo Lungo: Potent and caramelised

Cup 1 is an Envivo Lungo of intensity 9 on the Nespresso scale. Join Keoni and his guest Jasper Hubbard as they discuss supermarket value brands and play a game involving maracas. What a way to start the series!