Isaac in Studio Blue

Episode synopsis

You can’t deny that when I (Isaac) engage(s) in bufoonery to prove a silly point, I (he) really put effort in.

Live on the wibble and the internets, I am (he is) here with music, probably a hangover and a real commitment to avoid doing my actual degree.

First aired: 7am-8am, Wednesday 26th May 2021


If I Die Before YouLudwig Göransson07:02
Up The JunctionEleanor Rigby07:04
The BanditKings Of Leon07:13
The Great EscapeThe Lathums07:17
Man on the MoonR.E.M.07:25
What Have I Done To Deserve This?Pet Shop Boys ft. Dusty Springfield07:30
The Key to Life on EarthDeclan McKenna07:41
Close To YouDayglow07:48
End of Bachelorhood (Gao Bie Dan Shen Han)Li Xiaowen07:56

Episode credits

PresenterIsaac Lowe
Special GuestKeoni D’Souza
With an appearance byMichael Grace