Episode synopsis

(2/5) A Voice for Radio is back for one last ride. In this episode, we have a guest, international agony uncle sensation Gary answering your burning questions in Grill Gary.

First aired: 17:10 – 18:50, Monday 24th February 2020
Episode released: Monday 2nd March 2020

Series synopsis

What do you get when you place someone in an alien environment who is purposely underprepared and then place a microphone in front of them, encouraging them to witter on in endless streams to punctuate the deafening silence that occurs more often than not? Well, you get this: the award-winning (Most Improved, Swansea Student Media Awards 2016/2017) radio programme A Voice for Radio! Hosted by that guy who’s almost always on his bike, there’s always so much fun to look out for, including mildly humorous takes on what’s happened during the past week and the ever-popular ingredients game!