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The 6.35mm cable

This was bound to happen. A special programme to lead into URY’s Candidate Interview Night. Join me for voting-themed songs to get you in the mood for an evening of grilling. The 6.35mm cable: A 3.5mm cable Special.

Take it to the rugs, Episode 3

(3/6) Return of the Rhys: Rhys makes a return and shows Connor how to perfectly complement me like a presenter should. Also, Connor’s new laptop tries to derail proceedings.

The 3.5mm cable, Episode 3

(3/7) It’s Tuesday, it’s lunchtime, it’s the totally original idea (from Ben Allen), The 3.5mm cable! Music plays a leading role today, with loads of songs stuffed into proceedings. I also talk, for about seven minutes, about my many lamps.

Take it to the rugs, Episode 2

(2/6) Double Trouble: This week we’re joined by some friends over at YSTV, Sophie Bolwell-Davies and Joe Radford, who indulge us with light frothy banter about rugs. Also, Joe orders a pizza.

The 3.5mm cable, Episode 2

(2/7) It’s Tuesday, it’s lunchtime, it’s the totally original idea (from Ben Allen), The 3.5mm cable! I forgot to set my alarm for this episode, so I woke up at 11:58, a mere two minutes before the show! Tune in for a last minute appearance from agony uncle sensation, Grill Gary.

A Classical Bedtime, Series 2 Episode 5

(5/10) Mahler and his Circle: We’re back for a second series of abject commentary and lovely music. In my final episode, we explore Mahler and the people around him, playing music from his own catalogue as well as that of his friends, acquaintances and colleagues.

Take it to the rugs, Episode 1

(1/6) Your mother’s a rug!: After hours of fiddling, I managed to finally set up the show. With special guest Rhys Milling, join Connor and his greasy face, and me as we try to find out about Rhys’ earliest rug memories and finally, for the first time ever, take it to the rugs…

The 3.5mm cable, Episode 1

(1/7) It’s Tuesday, it’s primetime, it’s the totally original idea (from Ben Allen), The 3.5mm cable! If you’re feeling as sense of déjà vu, it’s because you are! Join me as I play as much of Ben’s playlist from his show, The Aux Cord, from the previous week as possible. If you don’t listen to this, at least listen to his…!

A Classical Bedtime, Series 2 Episode 4

(4/10) Semicentennial Celebrations: We’re back for a second series of abject commentary and lovely music. We’re celebrating 2021’s musical celebrations, with composers and compositions stretching back in fifty-year increments up to 1571. Featuring Haydn, Albinoni and Verdi.

A Classical Bedtime, Series 2 Episode 3

(3/10) All The World’s A Stage: We’re back for a second series of abject commentary and lovely music. We’re delving into pieces for the theatre this week, with picks from Puccini to Stravinsky and chat about concert halls and leg-room.

A Classical Bedtime, Series 2 Episode 2

(2/10) Northern Europe: We’re back for a second series of abject commentary and lovely music. Join us as we start of in the north of this fine continent, exploring the range of styles on offer and revisiting David’s favourite conductor Neeme Järvi yet again…

A Classical Bedtime, Series 2 Episode 1

(1/10) Music Plus One: We’re back for a second series of abject commentary and lovely music. On the theme of Music Plus One, join us we increment the number of players starting with Bach and ending with Haydn.

Cup 7, Christmas Blend: Deep, dark and seasonal

It’s a Christmas miracle! Cup 7 already?? I know! Here’s the second chat I had originally for Keoni’s Cave on URY with my pal Callum. I do much of the same as in the previous episode, actually, so watch out for more terrible singing and a moderately disastrous attempt at preparing M&S’s Christmas Blend. Merry Christmas!

Cup 6, Mulled Winter Punch: Rich, spicy, fruity

Cup 6 has arrived to boost/banish [delete as applicable] your Christmas blues! Originally, recorded for Keoni’s Cave on University Radio York (URY), here’s an expanded version of the chat I had with Molly that includes terrible Irish pronunciations, plenty of non-Christmas-based nattering and a clip shoehorned in of me taking a swig of some warm juice. 2020’s never been better…

Keoni’s Christmas Cave

(6/6) Most of the gang are back – as well as some special guests! There was so much stuff to squeeze in, we were going to extend the show by an hour. But we realised that no-one would have wanted that. Watch out for the explosive ending…

Keoni’s Cave, Episode 5

(5/6) I’ve literally lost everyone. How will I get them back? Maybe we’ll find out after this special solo edition…

Keoni’s Cave, Episode 4

(4/6) Four shows down and there’s only two of us left! Join my Captor and I as we try to rescue this sinking ship, all whilst completely forgetting the premise.

Keoni’s Cave, Episode 3

(3/6) Show 3? Already?? Join us with our temporary handler, Frankie Alice, along with Producer Potts and my Captor. Questionable content. Questionable quality.

Keoni’s Cave, Episode 2

Episode synopsis (2/6) We’re onto the second week of the high-concept “thriller” series. Join us as we try to keep up with the confusing premise. Tracklist Track Artist Time Little Numbers Boy 15:07 Backbeat Dagny 15:11 Spooky Dusty Springfield 15:18 Don’t Give In Joesef 15:20 Slow Rumer 15:29 Big Jet Plane Angus & Julia Stone… Continue reading Keoni’s Cave, Episode 2

Keoni’s Cave, Episode 1

(1/6) A masterclass in developing accidental ideas, I’ve been kidnapped and thrown into a cave. My task? Hosting a radio show to appease my captor. Will he let me escape today? Unlikely – it’s the first of six episodes.

Cup 5, Master Origin India: Intense and spicy

My exams – or ‘alternative assessments’ – are now over, so I found some free time, at last! Recorded near the start of the lockdown, in cup 5 my guest Jimmy and I talk a little about life in Toronto and play a rather self-explanatory game called What am I talking about? which actually wasn’t that straightforward. But, let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be, would it…?

Cup 4, English Breakfast: Golden and well-rounded

Cup 4 is the overflow stuff from the last episode – yes, we really did record so much! Listen to the rest of the Welsh maraca game and hear João talk about Asturias (for a bit). In a surprising turn of events, the drink in the title comes from my guest – a Twinings English Breakfast Tea, drunk late after the watershed.

Cup 3, Praline Especial Brazil: Chocolatey and nutty

The third cup brings together two people who haven’t spoken in yonks. João and I discuss bourbon(s) (creams) and Asda Smart Price meatballs, and play another game with maracas that had to be cut short and shoved into another episode because we were going on for too long! Today’s coffee – an intensity of 8 – comes from Taylors of Harrogate, who describe this coffee as “a big, beautiful Brazilian roast, like sinking your teeth into a hazelnut praline.”

Cup 2, Kazaar: Exceptionally intense and syrupy

Goodness, he’s only gone and done it when you all thought he’d given up or forgotten about it! Cup 2 is a Kazaar, a very strong (12) brew made with both Arabica and Robusta beans. Rachael is his guest – join them as they talk a bit about languages and play a game based on products from Ikea.

Cup 1, Envivo Lungo: Potent and caramelised

Cup 1 is an Envivo Lungo of intensity 9 on the Nespresso scale. Join Keoni and his guest Jasper Hubbard as they discuss supermarket value brands and play a game involving maracas. What a way to start the series!

A Voice for Radio, Ep 37: Spot the Windows Notification Sound

Episode synopsis (2/5) A Voice for Radio is back for one last ride. In this episode, we have a guest, international agony uncle sensation Gary answering your burning questions in Grill Gary. First aired: 17:10 – 18:50, Monday 24th February 2020Episode released: Monday 2nd March 2020

A Voice for Radio, Ep 30b: ​Nanimo kamo mechakuchada

Episode synopsis (1b/6) A Voice for Radio returns for a fifth series – we’re back in the studio and now in a Sunday slot. Jack was ill for this episode but join me anyway for a recording that’s filled with technical problems! First aired: 17:15 – 19:00, Sunday 17th November 2019Episode released: Friday 22nd November… Continue reading A Voice for Radio, Ep 30b: ​Nanimo kamo mechakuchada