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Themed Tunes: Feelin’ Fruiti

Pilot: This week we are kicking off the series with an episode about all things fruity. Tune in for the most important discussions of the term: What defines a fruit? We shall also be playing the first round of ‘Is Keoni smarter than Sarah’s Housemate’. Fruit puns shall be a-plenty and with a song dedication for the listener with the ultimate fruity joke!

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Cup 6, Mulled Winter Punch: Rich, spicy, fruity

Cup 6 has arrived to boost/banish [delete as applicable] your Christmas blues! Originally, recorded for Keoni’s Cave on University Radio York (URY), here’s an expanded version of the chat I had with Molly that includes terrible Irish pronunciations, plenty of non-Christmas-based nattering and a clip shoehorned in of me taking a swig of some warm juice. 2020’s never been better…

Appearances on Other Shows Audio

Keoni on Colin and Matt Having a Christmas Chat

I appeared towards the end of Colin and Matt Having a Christmas Chat on University Radio York (URY) having been commissioned to translate and record a Christmas song yn Cymraeg. Have a listen to me talking about and singing ‘Popeth dw i’n eisiau am Nadolig sy’n ti’, more popularly known by its English name ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ by (Dame?) Mariah Carey.

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Cup 3, Praline Especial Brazil: Chocolatey and nutty

The third cup brings together two people who haven’t spoken in yonks. João and I discuss bourbon(s) (creams) and Asda Smart Price meatballs, and play another game with maracas that had to be cut short and shoved into another episode because we were going on for too long! Today’s coffee – an intensity of 8 – comes from Taylors of Harrogate, who describe this coffee as “a big, beautiful Brazilian roast, like sinking your teeth into a hazelnut praline.”