Take it to the rugs, Episode 1

Episode synopsis

(1/6) Your mother’s a rug!: After hours of fiddling, I managed to finally set up the show. With special guest Rhys Milling, join Connor and his greasy face, and me as we try to find out about Rhys’ earliest rug memories and finally, for the first time ever, take it to the rugs…

Series synopsis

In September 2020, Connor and I first bonded over rugs. We finally take our relationship to the next level and present a show where rugs take centre stage. Join us for music and chat – and rugs!


Rug Cutter’s SwingGlenn Miller21:05
Old ManNeil Young21:08
Danger! High VoltageElectric Six21:17
Karma ChameleonCulture Club21:21
The Hardest Button to ButtonThe White Stripes21:29
Cut And RunSlaves21:37
Mister SandmanThe Chordettes21:43
TodayThe Smashing Pumpkins21:49
Light OnMaggie Rogers21:53

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