Keoni’s Cave, Episode 3

Episode synopsis

(3/6) Show 3? Already?? Join us with our temporary handler, Frankie Alice, along with Producer Potts and my Captor. Questionable content. Questionable quality.

Series synopsis

Someone’s kidnapped Keoni, locked him in the cave of URY, and has forced him to play music and do stuff to appease his captor(s). How will Keoni escape this week?


You Ain’t The ProblemMichael Kiwanuka15:10
HumanismStay Human15:14
AsturiasJohn Williams15:19
My TypeSaint Motel15:26
The CurseAgnes Obel15:31
Have You Seen My MindNatalie Holmes15:45
TornNatalie Imbruglia15:55
Elektrisches GefühlJuli16:02
Skin And BoneZuzu16:07
HappyOh Wonder16:10
Hur e d möjligtJustD16:14
Left My Heart In TokyoMini Viva16:25
Good TimesChic16:29
White LightShura16:33
Hunter Of Stars (Eurovision 2014 – Switzerland)Sebalter16:42
When You Come Back 2010 (ITV Version)Vusi Mahlasela16:56

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