Keoni’s Cave, Episode 2

Episode synopsis

(2/6) We’re onto the second week of the high-concept “thriller” series. Join us as we try to keep up with the confusing premise.

Series synopsis

Someone’s kidnapped Keoni, locked him in the cave of URY, and has forced him to play music and do stuff to appease his captor(s). How will Keoni escape this week?


Little NumbersBoy15:07
SpookyDusty Springfield15:18
Don’t Give InJoesef15:20
Big Jet PlaneAngus & Julia Stone15:32
AlaskaMaggie Rogers15:42
Without YouOh Wonder15:45
Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel15:52
Chop ChopVirtual Riot16:03
Where Is My MindThe Pixies16:14
the stageShura16:25
Something MoreRalph16:35
No ScrubsTLC16:43
Me and Julio Down by the SchoolyardPaul Simon16:49
Boy ProblemsCarly Rae Jepsen16:52
Dream GirlAnna Of The North16:57

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